Eric Schmidt Discusses Technology’s Impact on Younger Generation

Published on February 4, 2010

Those of us who completed our education prior to the mid 1990s often feel like students today have it easy in comparison.  Many of us still remember going to the library, finding books using a card catalog, and carrying stacks of books home.  High technology involved looking through old newspapers and magazines using microfiche.  Wikipedia, every student’s favorite reference source, did not exist.  It is easy to imagine how much time could have been saved and how much more could have been accomplished with access to today’s internet!

In the brief video clip shown below, Google CEO Eric Schmidt talks about how technology impacts the lives of younger people and whether the overall quality of education will be improved or hurt by instant access to information.  Mr. Schmidt points out that many aspects of modern technology have raised the bar and improved the quality of the young people hired at Google.  However, he is also concerned that long form reading may be on the decline since media is often consumed in much smaller portions.  This raises the important question of whether the internet may be creating a generation with knowledge that is a mile wide but only an inch deep.

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Eric Schmidt Discusses Technology’s Impact on Younger Generation
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