Technology CEOs View Dividends as Sign of Defeat

Few examples in stock market history more clearly illustrate the risks of buying into “hopes and dreams” than the technology bubble of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Companies with no earnings and nonsensical business plans eventually ceased to exist and are now long forgotten. However, most of the well known technology firms from 2000 continue to exist today and have tested business models that generate consistent profitability. However, investors are so disillusioned that valuations have plummeted. This raises the question: Are technology companies now “value stocks” that should pay large dividends? Read this article for more details.

Buffett’s a Heavy Internet User; But That’s Not Really Surprising

In an interview sure to surprise many readers, Warren Buffett reveals that he is a heavy user of the internet, and not just for playing bridge online. Mr. Buffett states that he uses the internet to read news, research items instantly that used to require sending out for information, and even for listening to Sinatra videos on YouTube. But this is not really a surprise. Read this article for more and to view the video.

The Value Investor’s Technology Dilemma

San Jose, California, September 24, 1998. Just another routine day at the office in a suburban office park in the Silicon Valley was interrupted by loud sounds of a celebration coming from the common hallway serving several companies in the building. Was this a birthday party getting out of control, or some other disturbance? Actually, it was the day of eBay’s initial public offering. At the time, I was working as a software engineer for another company operating in the same office park and witnessed some of the festivities. Based on the initial spike in the stock price, it was easy to see why some of the early employees were celebrating. Read the article for more details…


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