Gates Foundation Selling Should Have Limited Impact on Berkshire’s Stock Price

When Warren Buffett decided to leave the bulk of his fortune to charity, he opted to leverage the existing infrastructure of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation rather than setting up his own foundation. Taking such a step was quite a shock given the fact that many billionaires wish to create their own foundations that will carry on their name and legacy for generations to come. However, many Berkshire shareholders have wondered whether Gates Foundation selling would depress Berkshire’s share price. We take a look at this question in the article.

The Giving Pledge Runs into Unwarranted Controversy

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates unveiled The Giving Pledge initiative in June which launched one of the most ambitious philanthropic initiatives in history and has the potential to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in gifts over the next few decades. Both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have already pledged the vast majority of their wealth to charity and the goal of the pledge is to encourage other billionaires to do the same. Surprisingly, the initiative has generated a significant amount of controversy among those who believe that it is politically motivated. Read this article for more details.

Apple Leads Microsoft in Market Cap Race

Apple Leads Microsoft in Market Cap Race

Apple has overtaken Microsoft to claim the number two spot in the ranking of American companies as measured by market capitalization. At $222 billion, Apple only trails Exxon Mobil which has a $279 billion market cap. Microsoft’s market capitalization fell today to $219 billion. What does this mean and are there any lessons that investors can learn by Apple’s amazing rise over the past decade? Read this article for more details.


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