European Investing Summit 2012

Published on September 11, 2012

The Euro crisis is one that seems to ebb and flow in the minds of market participants but never manages to reach a resolution.  Regardless of whether the Euro remains intact or breaks up in the long run, we are certain to face many more years of uncertainty and economic chaos.

With chaos, however, often comes great opportunity for those who have done their work and are prepared to act.  ValueConferences is currently offering a 50 percent discount on registrations for the European Investing Summit 2012 which is scheduled for October 9 and 10.  Unlike most investment conferences requiring expensive registration fees and the costs and hassles of travel, the European Investing Summit is fully online and the discounted registration is only $297 for a limited time.

The European Investing Summit is organized by same company that produces the widely acclaimed Manual of Ideas, a monthly publication specializing in bringing value-oriented investment ideas to sophisticated investors.  The conference will feature more than twenty of the world’s most successful investors including:

  • Charles de Vaulx, Chief Investment Officer, International Value Advisers
  • Guy Spier, Managing Partner, Aquamarine Capital
  • Amit Wadhwaney, Portfolio Manager, Third Avenue Management
  • Jochen Wermuth, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner, Wermuth Asset Management
  • Frank Fischer, Chief Investment Officer, Shareholder Value Management
  • Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Bestinver
  • And many more …

In addition to the conference session, attendees are provided with a number of bonus features and videos including exclusive insights from Jean-Marie Eveillard, Howard Marks, Tom Russo, and many others.

We encourage readers to learn more by clicking on one of the links above or on the banner below.  Disclosure:  The Rational Walk receives a referral fee for registrations originating from this site. 

European Investing Summit 2012