Thoughts on Monetizing Twitter

I’m a big fan of Twitter and have written about how I have found the platform potentially useful for “investment scuttlebutt” purposes. One big question is whether Twitter will figure out how to use its amazing growth and popularity to generate revenues. The network benefits of a service like Twitter grow rapidly as more users adopt the service but as we have seen earlier in the decade, popularity does not always translate into a viable business model. This should be a fascinating business story to watch over the next several months. Read this post for a Fox Business video on the subject.

Twitter’s Uses for Online Scuttlebutt

Twitter’s Uses for Online Scuttlebutt

Legendary investor Philip A. Fisher was a great believer in the utility of the “business grapevine” when it comes to researching candidates for investment. In Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, which was reviewed here in April, Mr. Fisher lays out a step by step approach that can be used to identify businesses that are not merely “cheap” but have excellent future prospects. Scuttlebutt is an approach that attempts to gain valuable insights into businesses through multiple channels. Read this article for some ideas on how Twitter can be used as a form of “online scuttlebutt”.


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