Will Facebook Finally Recognize the Virtue of Simplicity?

Will Facebook Finally Recognize the Virtue of Simplicity?

Facebook has grown from a dorm room project intended for university students into a massive network of over 400 million users. This is an astounding achievement when one considers that Facebook’s user base represents approximately 25 percent of all individuals on the planet with access to the internet. Any network that grows this rapidly over such a short timeframe is bound to be controversial. Will Facebook now recognize the virtue of simplicity?

The Value Investor’s Technology Dilemma

San Jose, California, September 24, 1998. Just another routine day at the office in a suburban office park in the Silicon Valley was interrupted by loud sounds of a celebration coming from the common hallway serving several companies in the building. Was this a birthday party getting out of control, or some other disturbance? Actually, it was the day of eBay’s initial public offering. At the time, I was working as a software engineer for another company operating in the same office park and witnessed some of the festivities. Based on the initial spike in the stock price, it was easy to see why some of the early employees were celebrating. Read the article for more details…


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