Progressive Offers Discount Based on Driver Monitoring

Progressive has introduced a new discount program designed to offer lower auto insurance premiums to drivers who have favorable risk profiles. The idea of offering discounts to drivers who do not use their cars for commuting or drive very rarely is nothing new. Auto insurers have been surveying customers for years regarding such habits. However, Progressive’s new program is not based on subjective self reporting. The company will monitor driver behavior using an electronic device.

GEICO vs. Progressive: Selected Ten Year Metrics

GEICO vs. Progressive:  Selected Ten Year Metrics

Today, I reviewed Value Line’s latest coverage of the Property/Casualty Insurance Industry. I spent a bit more time on Progressive than on most of the other company profiles. I have not followed Progressive in great detail in the past other than being aware of it in the context of reading about GEICO which is a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. I have covered GEICO in some detail on this site in the context of Berkshire’s overall results. Read this article for a brief comparison of the ten year records of Progressive and GEICO.


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