Kindle and Calibre Presents a Powerful Solution for Newshounds

We recently published an in-depth article covering how investors can use Amazon’s Kindle 3 for reading SEC filings. The approach outlined in the article can be a viable solution for investors who would like to save paper, but it only scratched the surface in terms of the Kindle’s utility as a newsreader. While reading newspapers on the Kindle is not yet equivalent to traditional newsprint, the timeliness of delivery and the ability to subscribe to distant newspapers can be quite compelling. Unfortunately, the cost of subscriptions through can meet or exceed the price of print versions which seems like a poor value proposition. In this article, we will discuss a way to legally gain access to literally hundreds of newspapers and magazines at no cost. Read this article for more details.

The Investor’s Guide to Amazon’s Kindle 3

Many readers will relate to this scenario: The printer is hard at work producing a 100+ page SEC Filing when the room becomes strangely silent. Surely not enough time has passed to signal a completion of the job? Sure enough, the printer has run out of paper, depleted its toner, or may even require a new drum unit. The only positive aspect of the breakdown is that fewer fine particles of indoor air pollution are being produced, at least for the moment. Surely there must be a better way? We think there is: The Kindle 3 from Read this article for more details.

Amazon’s New Kindle: Priced as an iPad Accessory?

Rapid price deflation in the market for dedicated e-readers continued today as Amazon unveiled a new generation of its Kindle e-reader device. While the new Kindle features better e-ink technology and is smaller than the version it replaces, the most notable change is yet another cut in price. Amazon has introduced a Wi-Fi only device for $139 with the 3G wireless device remaining at $189. This comes only weeks after Amazon cut the price of the current Kindle version from $259 to $189 and announced that e-book unit sales now exceed hardcover sales. Read this article for more details.


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