Contango Provides Updated Perspective on Gulf of Mexico Situation

In a presentation today, Contango Oil & Gas CEO Kenneth Peak stated that the economics of oil and gas exploration in shallow Gulf of Mexico waters have improved significantly compared to 2008 conditions due to a dramatic decrease in dayrates for the jackup rigs used in shallow waters that has more than offset moderate increases in administrative and insurance costs. Mr. Peak also spoke at length about the new permit process in place and Contango’s efforts to adapt to changing regulatory requirements. Read this article for more details.

Contango ORE: An Intelligent Gold and Rare Earth Speculation?

Despite our best efforts as value investors to avoid anything that may resemble speculation, sometimes unique circumstances can arise that force us to replace typical passive behavior with an active choice. Such a scenario will soon face shareholders of Contango Oil & Gas who will receive one share of Contango ORE (CORE) for each ten shares of Contango in a spin-off scheduled for December. Contango has attracted a following among value investors and has been capably managed by Chairman and CEO Kenneth Peak since the company’s founding in 1999. Is CORE an intelligent speculation? Read this article for our thoughts.


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