In-N-Out Burger: Building a Succession-Proof Business

In-N-Out Burger requires no introduction for residents of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah as well as dedicated fans in other states who often make a special point to visit one of the chain’s 246 locations whenever possible. From its humble origins in 1948 at a tiny location in Baldwin Park, California, In-N-Out reached cult status through its slow growth approach of providing “quality, cleanliness, and service” to customers while maintaining an unusually good relationship with employees and suppliers. However, nothing proves the power of In-N-Out’s brand more clearly than a series of disasters that left the company without good succession plans. Read this article for a review of Stacy Perman’s recent book, In-N-Out Burger.

Coca-Cola Tops Interbrand’s Global Brand Survey for 11th Consecutive Year

Branded products often suffer impairments during times of economic stress as consumers search for cheaper alternatives. However, the combination of attractive products and intelligent marketing can sustain brands even in a poor economic climate. Interbrand’s report covering the best global brands of 2010 suggests that the most entrenched brands have retained their position reasonably well while up-and-coming brands managed to make significant advances.

Chrysler Misfires In Decision to Marginalize Legendary Hemi Brand

Chrysler Misfires In Decision to Marginalize Legendary Hemi Brand

In the auto industry, consumers have far less loyalty toward American brands than they once did. However, some key brands remain very powerful with consumers. One brand is Chrysler’s legendary Hemi engine, but the company has made an odd decision to marginalize this brand. According to a Wall Street Journal article, Chrysler is seeking to establish a “greener” image and will promote the Hemi only in a small number of Dodge cars and Ram pickup trucks. Certain large Chrysler cars will still have the Hemi engine, but it will be re-branded as a generic “5.7-liter V8”. Read this article for more details.

Estimating Global Brand Value

Estimating Global Brand Value

The Financial Times published a special report today (also available as a pdf file) that attempts to quantify brand value for the top 100 global brands. The top global brand remains Google followed by IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Marlboro are familiar consumer products brands that appear in the top 10 list. The survey was developed by BrandZ and is based on quantitative consumer research and financial analysis. Read this article for more details.


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