Berkshire’s Investment Write-Downs: “Gotcha Moment” or Difference of Opinion?

It should come as no surprise to careful readers of Berkshire Hathaway’s financial statements that the company recorded an “other-than-temporary impairment loss” of $938 million in the fourth quarter of 2010 related to declines in the market value of certain equity securities. However, recent media reports seem to treat recent revelations of correspondence between Berkshire and the SEC as a “gotcha moment”. We take a look at this question in this article.

Harness Technology to Stay Informed During Earnings Season

As we move into the height of third quarter earnings season, many investors may feel overwhelmed when it comes to staying on top of earnings announcements for portfolio companies and investment candidates. Without a solid system for keeping abreast of company filings, it is inevitable that you will either miss a report entirely or only read it several days after it is initially released. This is particularly true for smaller companies that are not regularly covered by analysts or major newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. How can investors confidently stay informed? Read this article for some ideas.


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