MidAmerican Energy Investor Presentation Slides

Published on March 29, 2011

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, will host a fixed-income investor conference on March 30, 2011.  MidAmerican has made the presentation slides available through a filing with the SEC today. In the presentation, MidAmerican emphasizes the advantages provided by Berkshire’s long term ownership philosophy.  As a specific example of this advantage, the presentation cites the $2 billion equity commitment Berkshire has provided to MidAmerican and the lack of a dividend requirement as important contributors to the company’s ability to invest in capital expenditures going forward.

MidAmerican plans to spend approximately $9.6 billion over the next three years for development and maintenance capital expenditures which will include 593 MW of wind and 637 MW of gas plant additions.  In addition to a high level briefing from MidAmerican’s CFO, the presentation includes updates from the leaders of each of MidAmerican’s subsidiaries.

Click on the image below to view the slides from the presentation MidAmerican released today.

The Rational Walk’s report, Berkshire Hathaway:  In Search of the “Buffett Premium”, contains a section covering MidAmerican in more detail.

Disclosure:   Long Berkshire Hathaway.

MidAmerican Energy Investor Presentation Slides