Hurco’s Response Regarding Fiscal Q1 Warranty Reserves

Published on June 1, 2009

In my coverage last week regarding Hurco’s initial news release for fiscal second quarter results, I expressed some concern regarding the company’s provision for warranty reserves documented in the 10-Q report for the first quarter and indicated that I had not received a response to my inquiries on the subject.

Today, I received the following email from Hurco’s Chief Financial Officer explaining the company’s limitations in corresponding with investors based on Regulation FD.  I would like to thank Mr. Oblazney for his response and I am hopeful that further details will be revealed in the upcoming 10-Q report documenting Fiscal Q2 results.

SEC rules limit what I can share with investors on an individual basis. Under Regulation FD, I cannot selectively disclose material information to one investor unless it has been broadly disseminated to the public through an approved means, such as a press release or SEC filing. While it is not clear whether the answer to your question would be considered material, I trust you can appreciate it is difficult to make such a judgment in practice.

However, I have taken your question into consideration as we prepare our second quarter 10-Q. Thank you for your interest in Hurco.


John Oblazney

Hurco’s Response Regarding Fiscal Q1 Warranty Reserves
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