Earlier this week, I posted a brief article regarding NetJets which contained a CNBC video interview of Richard Santulli, NetJets Founder, Chairman, and CEO.  In that interview, Santulli discussed the overall political climate regarding private aviation as well as some of the recent difficulties related to the global economic recession.

Today, I found another CNBC video regarding private aviation.  In the video shown below, CNBC’s David Faber interviews Andrew Zarrow, V1 Jets International CEO.  It seems like many of the trends discussed by Richard Santulli earlier in the week are confirmed in this interview in terms of the drop off in flight hours in Q4 2008 and Q1 2009.  What I found particularly interesting was Zarrow’s comments regarding Q2 shaping up as a “record” quarter for his business.  I am not familiar with V1 Jets International so whether this “record quarter” has implications for the overall industry, including NetJets, is an open question.

Here is a link to the video for those viewing the RSS Feed.

Another View of Private Aviation: V1 Jets CEO Andrew Zarrow

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