Website Hacked

Published on January 13, 2010

Dear Readers,

At some point early this afternoon, The Rational Walk was hacked and the main home page was replaced with a hacker’s message.  We apologize to those who were affected by the attack.  Apparently the problem was caused by hackers exploiting a security hole in an older version of the software that is used on an unrelated website that we control and which resides on the same server. The security issue should now be resolved.

This incident reinforces the benefits of backing up data on a regular basis which is a practice I adopted during my years in the software industry.  Sites can be hacked, hard drives can fail, and human error can occur at any time.  Without recent backups, the site could have been down for hours or days.  This is a matter of critical importance for most individuals and businesses.  If you’ve been complacent with backups recently, take the time to back up your software and data today.

If anyone notices something that looks suspicious on the site, either now or in the future, I would appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.

The Rational Walk

Website Hacked
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