Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are series of tweets on a specific subject.

Threads typically link back to articles on The Rational Walk or Rational Reflections. The table below shows all major threads published on Twitter along with a link to the thread. Since viewing threads on Twitter is not always the best experience, most completed threads also have a PDF download.

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10/3/2022The Worldly Wisdom of Marcus AureliusPDF
10/2/2022The Trouble With FIRE (Very Early Retirement)PDF
9/21/2022How Hunter Harrison Transformed the Railroad IndustryPDF
9/18/2022Housing Affordability at 3% vs. 6% Mortgage RatesPDF
9/12/2022Who was Robert Moses?PDF
9/10/2022Phil Fisher’s “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”PDF
8/31/2022George Risk IndustriesPDF
8/30/2022What Makes Warren Buffett Unusual?PDF
8/29/2022Buffett’s Investment in Dempster Mill Manufacturing CompanyPDF
8/28/2022How to Review a 10-K ReportPDF
8/28/2022Favorite Books about Warren Buffett and Berkshire HathawayPDF
8/23/2022Business Profiles Published in 2022
8/23/2022Articles on Berkshire Hathaway Published in 2022
4/29/2022Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Q&A SessionPDF
4/29/2022Berkshire Hathaway “Pre-Meeting” ThreadPDF