The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission failed to produce a unanimous report on the underlying causes of the crisis.  However, the process did yield a treasure trove of information for those who are interested in the perspectives of individuals who understand the issues most clearly.  The FCIC has released audio recordings of many of the interviews conducted by the commission staff, but in most cases written transcripts are not available.

David Einhorn

Santangel’s Review has published an eleven page transcript of the FCIC’s interview of David Einhorn, President of Greenlight Capital.  Santangel’s Review provided the document in the Scribd format embedded below.  Mr. Einhorn’s account of the financial crisis and his firm’s role in spotting problems before nearly anyone else is fascinating to read.  We highly recommend reading the transcript.  Be sure to also visit the Santangel’s Review website to sign up for their mailing list and sample issue.

Transcription of David Einhorn’s Interview with the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

Transcript of David Einhorn’s FCIC Testimony via Santangel’s Review

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