Dear Readers,

In January, I wrote about the problems The Rational Walk was having with the discussion forum feature.  The forum was originally set up in mid 2009 to facilitate discussions in a format that was better than the standard article comment feature and less susceptible to spam.  However, the forum also provided a malicious individual with an entry point that was exploited to hack The Rational Walk site on multiple occasions over a two week period.  Since the security of the forums could not be guaranteed, there was no choice but to remove it or spend much more time trying to secure the feature adequately.

As an alternative to hosting a forum on The Rational Walk site, I have set up a Facebook page for this purpose.  Facebook provides a built in discussion forum as well as the ability to comment on any individual article.  The Rational Walk’s Facebook page has been set up to automatically create an entry for each article that is posted.  Readers can comment directly on a particular article or start a discussion by using the “Forum” tab.

To comment on any article, simply visit Facebook by clicking on the nearby Facebook icon in this article or the icon that always appears at the top right corner of each page.  It is necessary to have a Facebook account to use the system.  Once you have an account, become a “fan” of The Rational Walk and then you will be able to comment.

Facebook will also be used for comments on the recently released Berkshire Hathaway 2010 Briefing Book.

Thanks for your continued support.

-Ravi Nagarajan

The Rational Walk Forum on Facebook
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