Summer Book Recommendations for 2020

Summer is a great time to get away from the business world. Although taking a vacation during a pandemic can involve overcoming a number of issues, it is always possible to take a virtual vacation through the pages of a great book. The mini-reviews in this article cover a range of topics, most unrelated to the business world, and hopefully a few of them will spark an interest this summer.

Ten Books for Summer Reading

Ten Books for Summer Reading

With the nearly unlimited supply of books on business and finance, it seems impossible to keep up with the list of important titles that appear on a regular basis. This is particularly true for books covering the financial crisis. While we have covered many of these titles in the book review series, it is sometimes beneficial to pick up a title on topics completely unrelated to business and investing.

The following list of ten suggested titles span topics ranging from history and politics to fiction and many are suitable for beach reading. If reading about the financial crisis or Bernie Madoff’s scam seems unappealing for your summer vacation, consider one of these titles for a change of pace. Enjoy!


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