Hurco’s Combination of Quality and Value

Hurco Companies, Inc (HURC) is a global industrial automation company that designs and produces interactive computer controls, software and computerized machine systems for the worldwide metal cutting and metal forming industries. The company is based in the United Sates but has extensive overseas manufacturing operations and customers. At current prices, Hurco combines the best of both worlds: Quality and Value.

The Virtue of “Pessimism” for Investors

I have always believed that investors with an overly optimistic view of the world have an inherent disadvantage and can be predisposed to overpay for securities. While I do not advocate being a pessimist in general, there are advantages that clearly exist for investors who attempt to think of all the possible factors that could go wrong when evaluating an investment. The need for a healthy dose of “pessimism” is nowhere more urgent than when an investor is evaluating bargain basement stocks selling for under net current asset value.


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