David Sokol on Cap & Trade, Buffett’s Environmental Philosophy

David Sokol on Cap & Trade, Buffett’s Environmental Philosophy

Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm Green Conference, which took place last week, was designed to serve as a forum for discussion of a wide variety of environmental topics including the shift to cleaner power generation technologies such as wind and solar. David Sokol, Chairman of MidAmerican Energy, provides his views regarding environmental issues in general and the “Cap & Trade” concept in particular in the two videos shown in this article.

Book Review: Pleased But Not Satisfied by David Sokol

Book Review:  Pleased But Not Satisfied by David Sokol

David Sokol has been in the news many times over the past few months due to his increasing prominence within Berkshire Hathaway. Mr. Sokol is Chairman of MidAmerican Energy which is one of Berkshire’s most important subsidiaries. In addition, he has taken the Chairman and CEO roles at NetJets, a Berkshire subsidiary that has suffered from serious operational problems during the current economic downturn. Many followers of Berkshire Hathaway believe that Mr. Sokol may be on the short list to eventually succeed Warren Buffett as CEO. It is only natural for shareholders to be curious about Mr. Sokol’s approach to management. Read this article for a book review of “Pleased But Not Satisfied” by David Sokol.

David Sokol: Looking More Like Buffett’s Successor

David Sokol appeared on CNBC this morning and commented on a variety of topics. In addition to his responsibilities as Chairman of MidAmerican Energy, Mr. Sokol recently assumed the Chairman and CEO positions at NetJets. It appears that Mr. Sokol is not only taking on more operational responsibilities at Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries but is also appearing in public more often and commenting on a wider range of topics. Read the article for more details and to view the video.

Matching Renewable Energy Production With Electricity Demand

The problem of matching the production of renewable energy with electricity demand has been a major challenge standing in the way of wider adoption of solar and wind powered plants. While electricity demand can be forecast with a great deal of accuracy, it is much harder to predict when peak energy will be available from solar and wind sources. Read this article for more information on how BYD and other battery makers might benefit. A video with background information is also included in this post.


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