Tilson is Bullish on Large Cap Stocks Including J&J, Microsoft and Berkshire

In a wide ranging discussion this morning on CNBC, Whitney Tilson provides his views regarding the overall valuation of large capitalization stocks compared to bonds and comments on several specific companies including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Berkshire Hathaway. We highlighted some of Mr. Tilson’s views on Microsoft in a bullish article on the company posted on August 31. To view the video, read the rest of this article.

Johnson & Johnson’s Current Problems Mask Potential Opportunity

Johnson & Johnson’s Current Problems Mask Potential Opportunity

Few large companies have built up as much brand equity and consumer goodwill as Johnson & Johnson. The company routinely appears near the top of lists of the most respected American companies and makes products that consumers rely on. The company’s prompt response to the Tylenol recalls in 1982 made it the subject of numerous case studies on how to properly handle such situations. Read this article to see whether J&J represents a good buying opportunity today.

Johnson & Johnson’s CEO on Economy and Health Care Reform

Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO William C. Weldon discusses the overall state of the economy and prospects for his business in the CNBC video shown below. Mr. Weldon acknowledges impacts on all of Johnson & Johnson’s business segments but believes that the company is doing “very well”. Health care reform is also discussed in broad terms as well as potential implications for Johnson & Johnson.


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