In Search of the “Buffett Premium” Free Sample Now Available on Scribd

The Rational Walk is pleased to make the free sample of Berkshire Hathaway: In Search of the “Buffett Premium” available in the Scribd format for readers who prefer to review the sample online rather than downloading the PDF file we previously made available. Other websites and blogs may use the Scribd embedding code to present the sample to their readers as well.

Excerpts From In Search of the “Buffett Premium”

Warren Buffett is perhaps the most visible example of a CEO who has captured the attention of the public at large. During the height of the financial crisis in the fall of 2008, Mr. Buffett’s comments on the economy were accorded as much attention as the pronouncements from the White House, Treasury, or the Federal Reserve, and perhaps more so. Through his investment activities, Mr. Buffett had the power to bestow a “seal of approval” on businesses like Goldman Sachs and General Electric that meant far more to markets and investors than any amount of bailout funds from the government. Read this preview of The Rational Walk’s upcoming report on Berkshire Hathaway for more details.


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