Prem Jain: Buffett is a ‘Value + Growth’ Investor

Warren Buffett has always been identified as a “value investor” but those who have studied his investing career know that it is not so easy to pigeonhole his true investing style. This should not come as a particular surprise since it is obvious that an investing outlier such as Mr. Buffett must have applied unique insights over the years. Read this article for Prem Jain’s views regarding Mr. Buffett’s investing style.

Exclusive Interview with Prem Jain, Author of ‘Buffett Beyond Value’

Exclusive Interview with Prem Jain, Author of ‘Buffett Beyond Value’

The Rational Walk is pleased to have this opportunity to present an exclusive interview with Prem C. Jain, the author of the recently released book Buffett Beyond Value which we reviewed last week. Prem Jain is the McDonough Professor of Accounting and Finance at Georgetown University. He has previously taught at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. His research has been published in many prestigious finance and accounting journals including the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Accounting Research. Please read this article for the full interview.

Prem C. Jain’s ‘Buffett Beyond Value’ Highlights Important Lessons

In a crowded field full of books dedicated to learning and profiting from the lessons taught by Warren Buffett, Georgetown University Professor Prem C. Jain’s Buffett Beyond Value has made an important and timely contribution. Warren Buffett’s investment style has never neatly fit into a “value” or “growth” box and while many have attempted to emulate his style, very few have built track records that are in any way comparable. Part of the reason is a fundamental failure to understand Warren Buffett’s true investment approach. Read this article for a full book review.


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