Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce the rollout of The Rational Walk’s Berkshire Hathaway Corner!

The Berkshire Hathaway Corner is an effort to offer readers a consolidated source of quality information and analysis on topics relevant to the company.  Over the past two years, Berkshire Hathaway has been a significant focus on The Rational Walk and we marked a major milestone last year with the publication of the 2010 Berkshire Hathaway Briefing Book.  We are following up this year with a new report on Berkshire scheduled for release after the 2010 annual report comes out at the end of February.  This report, entitled In Search of the Buffett Premium, will be included for members of the Berkshire Hathaway Corner and is also available for purchase by non-members.

It is no secret that publishers of all sizes have faced a major dilemma in recent years as a greater volume of information appears on free websites.  There is no doubt that the avalanche of free information has done great things for society in general and investors have been among the primary beneficiaries of free content that in years past would have been available only at a steep cost.  Of course, the problem is that high quality information is very expensive to create and can rarely be supported by advertising revenues alone except for the highest volume websites.

There is perhaps no major company that is as misunderstood as Berkshire Hathaway.  We hope to provide quality content that is worth paying for, but understand that not all readers will choose to become members.  This is not the end of free content on The Rational Walk. The Rational Walk will continue publishing content on Berkshire and other companies on the free portion of the website in the future.  However, selected content specific to Berkshire Hathaway that is differentiated from other free sources will be moving to The Berkshire Corner section of the site.

We are offering an introductory price of $199 for a one year membership to The Berkshire Hathaway Corner which will include In Search of the Buffett Premium.  The membership price will rise after February 25, 2011.  Members have a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days and a pro-rated money back guarantee thereafter.

I would like to thank readers of The Rational Walk for visiting the site over the past two years and am looking forward to this new initiative.

Best Regards,

Ravi Nagarajan
Managing Editor
The Rational Walk

Letter From the Editor: Announcing The Rational Walk’s Berkshire Hathaway Corner

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