Dear Readers,

The Rational Walk website was again the victim of hackers over the past two days (including during Sunday’s NFL games – this time it’s personal!) resulting in a significant amount of time and effort required to close additional security holes.  I have been forced to take two unfortunate steps to limit possible vulnerabilities:

  1. The Discussion Forum has been removed from the website.
  2. Comments and website registration have been eliminated.  In addition, existing user accounts have been disabled.

These steps are unfortunate because, in effect, two way communication on the site itself has been eliminated.  The email link at the bottom of each post will remain so readers can contact me directly.  Many of you have and I hope this type of interaction will continue.

I am sure that there are ways to adequately secure comments and discussion forums but at this point the time required to implement security measures in those areas is more than I am willing to commit to the project.  At some point in the future, these features may return.

Thanks again for reading and special thanks to the readers who notified me about the latest hacks to the website.


Ravi Nagarajan

Forum and Comments Discontinued
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