The Rational Walk Discussion Forum has been officially launched! 

Have you ever wanted to discuss investment ideas with other investors but  found many of the popular forums filled with spam and other promotional content?  The Yahoo discussion boards in particular are plagued with off topic posts and are generally unusable. 

The discussion forums on this site will provide a place for investors to discuss specific companies, the economy, personal finance, and other topics.  There are no ground rules other than to keep the discussions courteous, on topic, and free of profanity and personal attacks.  While most of the content here relies on fundamental analysis and has a value focus, any kind of investment topic may be discussed on the forums (technical analysis, trading strategies, etc). 

The forums can be read by any guest visiting the site but one must create a free membership account to post.  No personal details are required other than a valid email address.  Register for the forums today!

Discussion Forum Launched!
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