David Sokol Interview at Berkshire Special Meeting

Published on January 20, 2010

In a wide ranging interview with CNBC prior to today’s special meeting of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, David Sokol comments on prospects for NetJets in 2010, the housing market, climate regulation, and clues regarding the health of the economy based on electricity demand.

Mr. Sokol is Chairman and CEO of NetJets, Chairman of Johns Manville, Chairman on MidAmerican Energy Holdings, and a non-executive Director of BYD.  NetJets, Johns Manville, and MidAmerican are Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries while Berkshire holds a significant investment in BYD, the Chinese automaker which recently showcased the e6 all electric car at the Detroit auto show.

As expected, Mr. Sokol was asked about Berkshire Hathaway CEO succession but declined to speculate on an event that may be “decades away”.  We have previously speculated that Mr. Sokol is one of the leading CEO candidates at Berkshire.

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The author owns shares of Berkshire Hathaway.

David Sokol Interview at Berkshire Special Meeting
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