Dear Readers,

A few months ago, I was forced to disable the comments feature as well as the forum.  The amount of spam entering through the comment feature required excessive manual intervention and hackers were able to use the forum to attack the site.  After taking additional precautions, I am now reopening the comments feature for all articles for two weeks after initial publication.

When you are reading a specific article, a form will appear at the bottom of the page and will ask for your name, email address, and website (optional).  Your email address will not appear publicly in the comment but is required to filter out spam.  In addition, you will have to answer a “Captcha” question prior to submitting the comment.  This is annoying but necessary to prove that a human being is entering the comment rather than an automated computer program.  A sample “Captcha” image is shown below.

Initially, your comment will be held in a queue for moderation.  After one of your comments has been approved, it will be possible to submit additional comments without moderation.  It is still possible that your comment will be flagged as spam if the system believes that the email address or name you have used is fake or if the content within the comment is suspect.  If you believe that your comment has been “lost”, please contact me using the “Contact the Author” link that appears on each post.


Ravi Nagarajan
Editor, The Rational Walk

Comments are Now Open
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