Over the past several months, I have been very pleased with the genuine interest readers have expressed regarding this website and much of the dialog has been interesting and enjoyable.  However, over the past several days, the site has been plagued by spammers adding irrelevant comments with links to various products and services.  None of you have seen such comments because they enter the moderation queue where I have to go through each one to determine whether to approve or deny the comment.  In recent days, at least 90% of comments have been spam and on some days the number of such comments can become a distraction.

I am making two revisions to the comment policy:

First, any reader who would like to leave a “traditional comment” in response to a post must be a registered user of The Rational Walk.  Those who would like to become registered users can click this link to complete the simple process.

Second, I would like to encourage those who have not yet used the Discussion Forums to take a look and post replies to articles there.  Most articles have discussion threads set up and the forums are much more suited to discussion than the traditional comment feature. Note that registration is not required to use the discussion forums. Assuming that spammers do not infiltrate the forums, I have no plans to require registration.

Those who wish to contact me directly can continue to use the link that appears at the bottom of each post.  Thanks for your continued interest and support.

Comment Policy Revision
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