A Selection of Popular Articles for Summer Hiatus

The Rational Walk will be on a mid-summer hiatus until August 23. In the four weeks since the site redesign, average daily traffic on The Rational Walk has more than doubled which definitely exceeded expectations. Since we have many new readers who may be unfamiliar with articles that were written prior to mid-July, we present below a list of popular articles from January to July 15. We look forward to providing new content starting the week of August 23.

The New Rational Walk Site

I am excited to announce a number of major changes to The Rational Walk website. When the site was launched in February 2009, the main intent was to create a “soapbox” for writing about investment related topics. The site design was very simple which seemed appropriate based on the amount of published content. However, the initial design far outlived its usefulness as the amount of content increased. Please read this post for more details.

Comments are Now Open

Comments are Now Open

A few months ago, I was forced to disable the comments feature as well as the forum. The amount of spam entering through the comment feature required excessive manual intervention and hackers were able to use the forum to attack the site. After taking additional precautions, I am now reopening the comments feature for all articles for two weeks after initial publication. Comments on The Rational Walk have now reopened.


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